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Notable commission work

I was commissioned by Flag Fen to make a bag to hold replica Bronze Age implements and fibres including a bronze sword and for use by the tour guides. See my exhibition page.

Demonstrated nettle spinning for “Be nice to nettles day” at The Norris Museum. St. Ives Huntingdon www.norrismuseum.org.uk

And for a complete change from tying knots I accepted a commission from Chatteris Museum, Cambridgeshire to dress a mannequin as Boudicca. I hand stitched all the clothing, under tunic, over dress and cloak and sourced the accessories from talented historical craftsmen.  

I hope you enjoy browsing and if you like my designs and want something exclusive to yourself, I’ll be happy to create a design for you; just contact me.

Boudicca Mannequin

Preparing nettle fibres for spinning at Flag Fen on a cold day!

Photo -  Matt Maddock

Welcome to my Website

A self taught Knotologist’ and a member of the International Guild of Knot Tyers,  I have a flair for the unusual and a natural ability for tying knots into imaginative and original designs without the use of patterns. Taking inspiration from the natural, ancient and modern worlds I make macramé and Chinese knot jewellery, clothes, accessories, furnishings, sculptures and masks.

Fascinated by the history of knotting, both usage and superstition I study ancient knotting techniques and have taught myself how to process fibres from nettles and spin them into yarn. I undertake commission work for re-enactors and museums, give talks and offer workshops in a variety of knotting styles. Over the many years (40 at last count!) I have met many diverse and colourful people including belly dancers, Druids, Spiritualists. Gladiators, Romans, Saxons, Celts and Mediaeval Knights!  

I demonstrate regularly at Flag Fen Bronze Age Centre in Peterborough, England, and in the past at Ruddington Framework Knitters Museum  (Victorian) in Nottingham, England (Very apt) as knotting fits historically in both eras.